Searching for (and finding!) fireflies… right here in Pasco County!

^ Watch the video above to see real live fireflies blinking just a few nights ago in Pasco County – (filmed 7/18/21).

Yes – we do have fireflies here in Florida! (Trivia fact – At least 56 species of fireflies have been documented in FL!) Sadly, many people have never seen one. In areas that are heavily developed, fireflies have unfortunately become an extremely rare sight. However, with a little bit of knowledge about what makes good lightning bug habitat, you just might be able to find some of this nighttime magic too!


For more information about providing habitat for fireflies here in FL, be sure to check out the excellent new podcast series mentioned in the video –


Want to dive a little deeper into the topic of fireflies in FL? Check out this blog post with great information and links –


The following page also has some helpful information – plus the fun infographic below!



And finally, here’s an in-depth look at some fascinating UF research on fireflies –



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As one of the Florida-Friendly Landscaping (FFL) Program Coordinators in Pasco County, I enjoy helping people learn how to create & maintain vibrant landscapes that DON’T require a lot of water, fertilizer, and pesticides to look their best. Through an innovative collaboration with Pasco County Utilities, I also provide targeted on-site troubleshooting outreach to help those individuals and communities identified as high water users. My motto is – Less guesswork, better landscapes.” I can be reached at


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Posted: July 20, 2021

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