Helpful Tips to Prepare for Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is currently the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic!

The current computer models are trending to an east coast event, but it is still too early to know for sure that exact track. I personally remember back to hurricane Charlie in 2004, and all of the counties in the Tampa Bay area were the “cross-hairs” of the predictions, where Charlie would strike. It was a last minute jog in that storm’s track that changed the fortune for Tampa Bay in a good way, but put other people, who thought they were safe, right into the path of the worst of the storm. So, as I have heard one of our local meteorologists say words to this effect, “so long as we are in that cone and the storm hasn’t passed by our latitude, be vigilant and be prepared”. Here is a great “checklist” that I find very helpful at this time. I will be keeping it close by me these next few days. Please stay safe!


Posted: September 6, 2017

Category: Disaster Preparation, Work & Life
Tags: Checklist, East Coast, Hurricane

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