Bacterial Leaf Spot

With all the rain and increased humidity levels lately, disease is on the rise and many of your plants may be showing it. One problem I have encountered in my community gardens is bacterial spot disease or leaf spot. This bacterial disease is common on tomatoes and peppers at this time of year. Brown, dried out tissue with a yellow halo is a common symptom of spot diseases. For more information on leaf spots, how to prevent them, and what can be done after your plants have them, visit Here is more information on bacterial spot disease specifically on peppers and tomatoes
Most warm season vegetables, like tomatoes and peppers, are prone to disease and pests in the Florida summer and are therefore not grown during these months as they require too many inputs such as water, pesticides, and fertilizers to keep them alive. For more information on what/when to plant vegetables in Florida visit


Posted: June 16, 2017

Category: Agriculture, Crops, Horticulture, Pests & Disease
Tags: Bacterial Leaf Spot, Community Gardens, Fertilizers, Florida, Gardens, Peppers, Pesticides, Summer, Tomatoes, Vegetables, Warm Season

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