The Key To Finding a Home

Today, we want to share some of the items you will need to have on a checklist to search from a home. This key points will help you keep on track and also will help the professionals your are working with to purchase a home. The following details will be essential to make the process easy:

First, know how much house you can afford, once you determine affordability seek for a professional lender that can qualify your for a loan. Then make a list of the needs your ideal home will need to have in order to meet your desires. Also prioritize which ones are the most important and which one are the less important on that list. Here are the considerations that we are suggesting will be part of that list:

Location – Does the house needs to be close to school, work and/or family?

Exterior -Does the house needs to have a driveway, sidewalk, garden, and/or fenced patio? Do you want a pool, patio and/or covered porch?

Interior- How many bedrooms  and bathrooms the house should have? Do you need space for children to play or for entertainment? would you like to have a laundry room, dishwasher, fireplace or garage?

Other – Is privacy one of your concerns? Do you want a low maintenance? What about Homeowners Association (HOA) fees? Warranties offer by the seller or builder?

Any additional features you would like to have or that are a need should become part of the list. Discussing this list with your family is important so you can count everyone desires as well as sharing the list with your real estate professional who will  be searching the database of homes availability based on the list of your needs and wants. For more tips contact us at 321-697-3000.





Posted: May 21, 2022

Category: Home Management
Tags: Home, Home Buyers, Home List

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