Agritourism and COVID-19 Prevention

Many workplaces, schools, and social venues have been shut down. One thing remains: Everyone still needs to eat. It’s more critical than ever to keep domestic farming, ranching and associated food processing, packing, and distribution up and running, safely. We will need to adjust our practices and find additional ways of getting food to consumers as components of our food system are disrupted by emergency measures taking place. We can do this at a local level and beyond. We must do this, because if food production stops, we lose our food security.

Agritourism operations like “you-picks”, farmers markets, and farm stands serve a unique and valuable function in our food system by directly supplying fresh food to the people that eat it. Agritourism operators have additional considerations if they are able stay open to the public. In order to protect their families, their workers, and their visitors, extra precautions should be taken. Here are two checklists for agritourism operations:


Posted: March 23, 2020

Category: Agribusiness, Agriculture, Crops, Disaster Preparation, Farm Management, Food Safety,
Tags: Agritourism, COVID-19, DISASTER PREPAREDNESS, Food Safety

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