Orange County 4-H Events

Orange County 4-H Events

County 4-H Events Day has long been a cherished tradition in 4-H. It serves as an important opportunity for 4-H members to present their accomplishments. Virtual or face to face, the day is a valuable part of the 4-H experience. According to a Tuft’s University study (Lerner et al, 2013), positive youth development is characterized by programming that supports and promotes the 5 Cs: Competence, Confidence, Character, Connection, and Caring. Youth who are actively and deeply engaged in the 4-H Program are those who are most likely to benefit from the positive outcomes associated with participation. 4-H County Events is an excellent example of an event that provides the opportunity for deeper engagement and development of two important Cs: Competence and Confidence.

For 2021, Orange County 4-H Events will combine both virtual and direct judging. Demonstrations, Illustrated Talks, Public Speaking and Talent entries will be prerecorded and submitted as videos. Member Exhibits, Photography and Game Boards will be dropped off at the Extension Center for in-person judging. We will utilize social media to share the exhibits with those who are unable to visit the Extension Center to view them in person.

Resources to Learn More

To support 4-H families wishing to learn more, there is a website that includes instructional videos, written information, score sheets, links to register, and links to upload videos. Everything needed to prepare exhibits and presentations is provided in this single source. Visit to learn more. For information about 4-H volunteer or membership opportunities, please contact us at


Posted: February 23, 2021

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