COVID-19 and UF/IFAS Extension

Updated 03/16/20

As we continue to monitor COVID-19 in Florida, I wanted to take a moment to update our UF/IFAS Extension community about our current status, best practices and next steps.

Please call your local UF/IFAS Extension office or view the local update page for the most up to date information on your area.

The personal health and safety of everyone in the UF/IFAS Extension community is my first concern. Therefore, we’re taking every measure to protect your safety while assuring that UF/IFAS Extension continues to serve the people of Florida through this situation.

Know that we have not experienced anything like this in most of our lifetimes. This is a very contagious, serious and potentially deadly virus. We all must do what we can to minimize gatherings of people to lessen the spread of this virus.

In-Person Gatherings, Non-essential Travel Suspended

All UF/IFAS in-person events and gatherings scheduled through the end of April 2020 should be postponed. This extends to UF/IFAS Extension volunteer meetings, workshops, demos, conferences and events such as field days and open houses. In keeping with state guidelines, UF has announced a prohibition on all non-essential university travel until further notice. All county Extension offices should stay in close communication with their county leadership.

Extension Facilities Remain Operational

Until otherwise notified, UF/IFAS Extension offices will remain open and fully operational.

Alternative Program Delivery

Our community is nothing if not innovative. We see this as an opportunity to make use of alternative delivery of information and education, i.e. through online learning, Zoom meetings, conference calls, electronic delivery of information, etc.

Taking Care of Yourself and the Community

Follow good hygiene practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and stress their importance to co-workers, family and clients. Wash and sanitize your hands frequently, avoid touching your face and cough or sneeze into your elbow, not your hand. Stay at home if you feel unwell—even if you have mild symptoms such as a headache and slight runny nose.

Staying Informed

To keep up with the status of COVID-19 response through UF/IFAS Extension, we have posted and will continue to update pages on our website in coordination with UF and health authorities. Updates are available on the Extension Administration website and on the main UF/IFAS website ( Below are some additional resources:

We are entering into uncharted waters with COVID-19, but I have no doubt that if we follow precautions and stay in close communication with county and UF/IFAS leadership, we will continue to draw on our innovation and can-do spirit to serve our communities with practical solutions based on applied science.

Stay Safe and Stay Tuned!

For all of our UF/IFAS Extension faculty and staff, there will be an Extension Connections session Monday, March 16 at 11 am, where we will be discussing the latest updates about COVID-19. Please join via Zoom at


Posted: March 15, 2020

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Chris Weber

September 17, 2020

Thank you Mike! Kevin has not been set up here quite yet, but I've passed your comments along to him. He's excited to be here and sure appreciates your warm welcome!

Mike McKinney
September 1, 2020

Welcome to Florida KEVIN and to IFAS. I am the retired county director from Hillsborough County. I have a fond place in my heart for orange county because I work very closely with JAY Hurber Back in the old days. Wishing you great success in your new post in orange county. Mike McKinney Professor emeritus/University of Florida Leader ship development and public policy


June 29, 2020

Hi Ms. Ellie, I am so glad to hear you found the information helpful. I will offer a webinar about septic system maintenance and private well management soon. Please stay tuned. Thanks, Yilin


April 6, 2020

Celeste White did retire last year, but Hannah Wooten has taken her place in Orange County and has provided pesticide applicator training this year. Contact her at or (407) 254-9200. Although offices are closed to the public, agents are still working. The CEU Day this year will be held online over Zoom. Registration is at You can also get CEUs online at, and free CORE CEUs at and

Vince Witengier
April 5, 2020

Need to get my CEUs for limited pesticides applicator - 4 CEUs Was being held every January. However, this year it wasn't. At the time nobody seemed to know if when or where it would be held. With the change of Dr White this seems to have fallen between the cracks. I and several others have seeked out Alt that were feasible but those classes were for exams and other license types or way to far to travel. That said now it would need to be an online class. Please advise Sincerely Vince Witengier

Ed Thralls

April 3, 2020

Send your photos as attachments to e-mail to If they are pictures of turfgrass, they are usually difficult to address because all problems with turfgrass are brown spots. Include as much information as you can -- when did it start, how often do you water, when did you last fertilize, etc.

Janice Rathman
March 22, 2020

I'm having issues with my lawn and wondered if I could upload a couple of photos to see if someone might be able to provide some guidance

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