Fulbright Scholars Meet with One Health Center

A core theme of One Health is finding partnerships across disciplines, and quite often, across borders as well.

A Cross-Country Collaboration

On August 26th, Jordanian Fulbright Scholars in the Junior Faculty & Development Program visited virtually via Zoom with members of the One Health Center team to discuss possible avenues of collaboration. The Scholars’ research interests spanned a wide range. There was much discussion around the Center’s current research programs, the Circular Health Initiative, and ways to bring One Health to a more prominent position within Jordan.

“Cross-country and cross-discipline connections in research and teaching have many benefits,” writes Dr. Nargiza Ludgate, Assistant Scholar at the Office for Global Research Engagement at the UF International Center and organizer of this meeting, “for example, connections can lead to collaboration in research that allows researchers to combine expertise and limited resources to answer large and complex scientific problems, or develop innovative solutions.”

The Future of One Health

Many challenges and roadblocks were discussed in promoting the One Health approach. However, the Scholars remain committed to this field of thought and creating interdisciplinary efforts in the future. Dr. Amani, one of the Fulbright Scholars and a researcher at Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, was particularly inspired by One Health.

“I was impressed by a statement said by Dr. Capua,” Dr. Amani writes, “and I re-phrase it here according to my understanding: ‘We cannot treat the human body with not taking into consideration the health of the surrounding environment and living organisms!’ The world, at last, is one unit with multiple components and we, as the highest creatures in its hierarchy, should mindfully and keenly look after all of its components!”

A joy of One Health is getting to meet and discuss with talented individuals from across the world, and finding innovative solutions together. The entire team was grateful to meet with these Scholars. The future of One Health is bright in the hands of professionals such as themselves!

Would you like to meet or learn more about One Health? We have a plethora of resources on our website, and feel free to contact us by emailing one-health@ufl.edu.

By Thomas Field, Media Manager


Posted: September 2, 2021

Category: Professional Development, Work & Life
Tags: Collaboration, Jordan One Health, One Health

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