The PINK Resolution

January is the start of a new year and the time when people begin to make resolutions. Each year thousands of people make the resolution to lose weight and you begin to see gyms packed with people vowing to achieve their goal. As the days go by you slowly start the see the gyms clear out and it’s a sign that many have given in to life’s demands and have given up on their resolution. This year make a resolution that is not so specific, but still focuses on bettering your health through mindfulness. Make a PINK Resolution.

Years ago, I began to color code my calendars to make sure that I knew who had to be where and when. I had blue for my son, orange for my husband, and green for my work commitments. It helped me keep life organized, but what another colleague pointed out to me was that it wasn’t balanced. You see I had everyone else on my calendar, but what I didn’t have was time for me. Not necessarily time all to myself, but time for the things that I really cared about doing either taking care of myself or spending “quality time” with my family. When I looked at my calendar I could see a rainbow of chaos with no calm in sight, because that is the life I had chosen to live.

So here comes the PINK Resolution. I decided to use a pink pen to write in time for me. Time for me to have lunch with a friend, go for a run, have movie night with the family, a date night, visit a theme park, or even rest. I wrote in pen so it was permanent, it couldn’t just be erased so I would not reschedule it or cancel it as I would previously often do. Many of us tend to put the needs of others before our own, but we cannot do it all the time. If we are constantly sacrificing for others and neglecting our own needs then we become tired, overwhelmed and unhealthy physically, mentally, and or spiritually.

Now when I look at my calendar I still see the chaos of everyday life, but what I also see are rays of sunshine written in PINK. I see things that make me smile when I think about how much joy I will feel making time for the truly important things in life, and it’s not rushing to soccer practice or attending another work function that I have dragged my family to. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my job and love that my family willingly comes with me and I like watching my son practice, but it is about purposely making time to do something that is not a requirement, purposely making time for your own needs to be a healthier person, parent, spouse, and employee.

This year why not make a resolution that is not so easy to give up on. Make a resolution that is not specific to one thing, but still leads to a healthier lifestyle. I challenge you to take the PINK Resolution. And no it doesn’t have to be PINK it can be any color, that is just my color of choice. Start scheduling time to meet your own needs and you will not only feel better, but also be able to better meet the needs of others.

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Posted: January 2, 2018

Category: 4-H & Youth, Professional Development, Work & Life
Tags: 4-H, HC4H, Work Life Balance

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