Q: Are cows good for the environment?

Q: Are cows good for the environment?

A: Yes, cows utilize land that cannot be used for anything else in food production. Cows are excellent recyclers, the grass they eat nourishes their bodies and what nutrients are not used are returned to the soil in the form of manure. Cows not only add to the organic matter to improve soil health, they also aerate the soil as they walk. Cattle share their space with a variety of wildlife species including, birds, rodents, deer and even predator animals such as coyotes and alligators. Cattle allow for green spaces so trees and grass can filter our air. Ranchland also allow for water to slowly move and filter out potential toxins. Yes, cattle are great for the environment!


Posted: October 26, 2017

Category: Agriculture, Livestock
Tags: Air, Cattle, Environment, Grass, Livestock, Trees, Water, Wildlife

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