Do You Have Weeds in Your Lawn Now?

The vast majority of weeds in North Florida lawns now, during early spring, are winter annuals. Many of theses weeds are Florida natives, some of which even carry our State’s name. Examples include Florida bellflower, Florida betony, Florida pellitory and Florida yellow woodsorrel. Perhaps we have wrongly called some of these common plants “weeds.” Perhaps we should consider them as wildflowers. Many were here long before any of our lawn grasses were introduced to the United States.

Most people worry with these weeds this time of year and make all kinds of mistakes in attempting to control them at the wrong time of year.

To help with this, I am offering a presentation on Monday, March 27 at the Extension Office in Crestview titled “Why Worry with Winter Annual Lawn Weeds?” This presentation is part of the No Mow March event.

If you are interested, there are only hours left to register.

Take a look at the below agenda and register using the Eventbrite link or QR code.

The $15 registration covers your lunch, which will be cooked fresh onsite.

This event offers something for everyone from the wildlife enthusiast, farmer, home gardener to 4-H members and other youth. No Mow March is designed to increase awareness of pollinators as well as help encourage and teach adults and youth ways to improve and increase habitat for pollinators on their property.

No Mow March Agenda


Posted: March 23, 2023

Category: Events, Florida-Friendly Landscaping, HOME LANDSCAPES, Lawn
Tags: Lawn Weed Control, Pollinator Plants, Pollinators, Wildflowers

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