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Uniform Peanut Trials begin to look at 2017 Problems of Early Senescence

Planting of peanuts has begun in North Florida as many growers ask what this year will bring for peanut production, pricing, and weather. A number of farms had good looking peanuts up until harvest last year (2017). Once the diggers went in, the peanuts fell off the vine. UF/IFAS agents and state specialist met to discuss what could have caused the rapid decline after hurricane Irma. Not all farms were effected equally, but some field that were late planted and not rotated out of peanuts were hit the worst.

The Southeast Farm Press helped cover some of the aftermath:
Peanut collapse: Something happened but it’s not clear exactly why:

To address some of the complexities across 5 counties in Florida, UF/IFAS agents in the North are helping plant uniform trials with multiple peanut varieties under standardized management practices. Visiting these farms on a regular basis and taking disease and plant samples throughout this 2018 season will hopefully show some answers.

If you experienced a rapid decline or early senescence of leaves on your peanut last year, please give us a call. The more we can know about what these fields had in common, the better we can provide science-based solutions.

One Comment on “Uniform Peanut Trials begin to look at 2017 Problems of Early Senescence

  1. A 2018 update:
    STATE ITEM June 17, 2018 PREV. WEEK June 17, 2017 5-YEAR AVG.
    FLORIDA Peanuts Pegging 8% 0% 12% 11%
    Soil Moisture 0% Very Short 7% Short 73% Adequate 20% Surplus
    Conditions 0% VP, 1% Poor 20% Fair 68% Good 11% Excellent
    Early planted peanuts look excellent, but late planted were only fair because of prolonged wet conditions.