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Please identify this weed.

The weed you brought to the Yulee office is called Florida pellitory, Parietaria floridana.  This is a native, annual or short-lived perennial with small leaves.  It does a green flower but the flowers are very small and non-distinct. It really has no outstanding physical characteristics. In fact, it is often mistaken for common chickweed – the leaves appear similar.  The only means of propagation is by seed.  Most often this weed is found in lawn grasses grown in moist, shady sites.  Lawn grasses grown in shady areas becomes thin and allow for weed seeds to reproduce. Florida pellitory can be found from New Hampshire south to Florida and west to Texas.  However, before you decide to destroy the weed, please know Florida pellitory is a larval host for the Red Admiral, Vanessa atalanta rubria, butterfly. Here is your chance to provide a food source for a beautiful and beneficial insect.  Hopefully, you will decide to leave the plant alone.  Keep me posted!