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Florida Dogwood, Cornus florida

Q: I want to use the seed from my dogwood tree to propagate other dogwoods. Can I do that?

A: You have posed a very good question. The quick answer is yes, you can propagate the seeds and they should produce dogwoods. Since we are entering into the fall and winter season you should protect the tender growth from the cold until warmer spring weather. Dogwoods, like roses and citrus, are often grafted onto hardy root stock. The graft is selected for various reasons such as large foliage or disease resistance. The seeds you have may not produce the strong, virile specimen now present in your landscape. In order to have the identical specimen you would need to take a cutting and propagate it, which is easy to do. However, half the fun of propagating from seed is growing something from infancy – so go ahead and try it and enjoy the possibilities.