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Coastal plain Staggerbush

Q:  Can you identify this shrub for me?

A:  It is in the genus Lyonia.  The portion you brought into the Yulee office appears to be a Coastal plain staggerbush.  It is found in Georgia, the lower portions of South Carolina and throughout Florida except possibly, the far western portion of our panhandle. It grows well along the edge of wetland areas as well as higher, flatwood pine sites. Pollinators and birds can be found swarming when the dainty, bell-shaped flowers are in bloom.  I love to see how active the insects are around it in the blooming season.

It is a native plant, requires very little care and it appears to have few problems with any disease.  Lyonia is an evergreen shrub which can grow to heights up fifteen feet.  Some of the plants in the Lyonia family can cause minimal allergic reactions by producing a rash if the plant sap comes in contact with skin.  If you are sensitive, you might want to use personal protection such as a long sleeved shirt and gloves when pruning or working with or around this plant.