Q: It looks like someone sprinkled bath salts on my straw flowers. What could be causing this?

A: This condition is the result of all the rain we have been receiving lately. What you have is a slime mold, Fuligo septica aptly named “dog vomit.” I hope none of you are eating breakfast or lunch now as this will not make it very appetizing. We will probably see more of this in the next week with additional rains. It can show up on anything including palms, lawngrass, or mulch. There is not need to apply any chemicals as it would not get rid of it any quicker. As the weather changes and it will because this is Florida, this slime mold will also disappear. If you feel you just cannot stand it, collect as much as you can, bag it and throw it in the trash. However, this could be another opportunity for us to not sweat the small stuff – just grin and bear it. Attached is a photo I took of the slime mold, but a mere photo does not do it justice. One should experience this slime mold up close and personal. For those of you with children – take advantage of a wonderful teaching moment.


Posted: June 13, 2017

Category: Home Landscapes, Pests & Disease
Tags: Dog Vomit, Fuligo Septica, Slime Mold

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