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Southern Red Cedar

Fact sheet: Southern Red Cedar

This densely-foliated, wide pyramidal, columnar or oval evergreen grows fairly quickly, ultimately reaching heights up to 40 feet with a 25-foot spread. Some individual plants grow wider than tall as they grow older. Some botanists do not make a distinction between Juniperus silicicola and Juniperus virginiana. Its fine-textured, medium green leaves, and drooping branchlets help to soften the rather symmetrical, oval juvenile form. Mature specimens of Southern Redcedar take on a flat-topped, almost windswept appearance, making them very picturesque. Bark and trunk on older specimens take on a delightful, ‘old-tree’ look.

Scientific name: Juniperus silicicola
Pronunciation: joo-NIP-er-us sill-liss-sih-KOLE-uh
Common name(s): Southern Redcedar

Fact sheet: Southern Red Cedar

Planted in Nassau County Extension Demonstration Garden

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