Fact sheet: Duranta

This large, fast-growing, multistemmed shrub is popular as a screen or background planting, but is too vigorous and tall to use against the foundation or in small areas. The full clusters of fragrant, pale blue flowers attract butterflies in summer and are followed by bunches of golden-orange berries, popular with birds. Flowers and fruit are often found on the plant simultaneously and make an attractive show. Yellow fruit often hangs on the plant into the winter if the birds don’t eat them.

Scientific name: Duranta repens
Pronunciation: doo-RAN-tuh REE-penz
Common name(s): Golden Dewdrop, Sky-Flower, Pigeonberry

Fact sheet: Duranta

Planted in Nassau County Extension Demonstration Garden

Sold at Nassau County Master Gardener Plant Sale


Posted: May 17, 2017

Category: Florida-Friendly Landscaping, Home Landscapes
Tags: Berries, Butterfly Plant, Demonstration Garden, Duranta, Shrub, Wildlife

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