Plant Pest Species Spotlight: Pyrrhopappus carolinianus

Last Updated on January 19, 2022 by Tennille Herron

Pyrrhopappus carolinanus, or false dandelion, is commonly seen throughout the southeast on roadsides, in pastureland and natural areas.

Be sure to wear gloves when removing this plant pest as false dandelion stems emit a milky liquid when broken.

More information on false dandelion can be found on our pyrrhopappus carolinianus species page.

Finding weeds in your landscape or nursery? Be sure to use our “Weed ID” website which sorts species by flower color for easy identification.


Posted: September 30, 2021

Category: Horticulture
Tags: Chris Marble, Florida Weeds, Marble, Pyrrhopappus Carolinianus, Weed Identification, Weed Science

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