EDIS Update: Development of a Model Mutagenesis System for Snapdragon

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Snapdragons are one of the most popular flowers in the United States due to its unique flower shape and striking colors. Snapdragons can be found in three sizes: dwarf (6-15 inches), medium (1-2 feet), and tall (2-3 feet).

Snapdragons are a natural fit as a model system for genetics and molecular studies of various plant processes. The authors of this publication made the case for the use of the “Snapdragon ‘JI2’ Mutagenesis System” and explain how to establish such system in other laboratories or professional spaces.

For more information on developing “The Snapdragon ‘JI2’ Mutagenesis System,” check out our latest EDIS publication: https://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/ep584.

Showy snapdragon flowers. Photo credit: Caroline Warwick, UF/IFAS

Posted: September 11, 2020

Category: Horticulture
Tags: Chen, Flower, Genetics, Horticulture, Huo, Molecular Studies, Mutagenesis, Snapdagon

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