2 Weeks…average lifespan of our collective New Year’s Resolutions

Just like my own yearly resolutions to lose weight, get in shape and be kinder, we start the year with the best of intentions.

Many of us resolve to help the environment or continue our commitment to this mission. At UF/IFAS/Extension we endeavor to deliver meaningful, useful, easy to understand presentations on how to adopt ways to be Florida-Friendly in all our environmental settings. All life forms contribute to the well-being of our planet, and all of us can play a role in reducing climate change and species loss.

We have exciting new venues, places where we will be teaching this year (Covid restrictions permitting) starting with a series of presentations at the Fruit & Spice Park. The Fruit & Spice Park is a sister park in our E.E.C.O. Unit of Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces. E.E.C.O. is short for Engagement, Education, Conservation and Outreach Unit. Look for the lineup of live workshops and presentations on their website by clicking on Education-Classes Upcoming Events – Fruit & Spice Park (redlandfruitandspice.com) One of our staff will be presenting every month. P.S. don’t miss the list of events Upcoming Events – Fruit & Spice Park (redlandfruitandspice.com). This is one of our signature parks and every event brings new ways to enjoy the outdoors, explore and learn more.

We have new Urban Hort. Team members bringing new topics: ‘Preserving your Holiday Plants’ from uber green thumb Veronica Charpentier, ‘To Bee or not to Bee’ from ‘Bee’ Anthony Rodriguez, ‘Edible Gardening in South Florida’, Rain Gardens, Introduction to FFL, Redesigning Your Landscape, Irrigation Efficiency…and look for special topics from our very talented and knowledgeable Master Gardeners.


In addition, we can also schedule special presentations for schools, groups, garden clubs and more. We are all looking forward to safely presenting live event-we want to see your faces!

Rain Barrel Workshops will take place virtually or live the 2nd Saturday of each month or for now on the Friday evening before the 2nd Saturday. Not to be confusing, while we are holding these workshops virtually during Covid precautions, you will be able to order and pick up a rain barrel the next day, Saturday. Look for this long-standing workshop to morph this year, as the Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department (our funding agency) is making changes to the purchasing process (more details to come)​.

Please keep tabs on all events thru our Extension Web Calendar here: Events – UF/IFAS Extension (ufl.edu). Most presentations will be virtual for now. Please send us an email if you have any questions regarding upcoming events or would like to be included in our email announcements for upcoming events.

Stay Safe, Stay Well, Happy Gardening.

Barbara McAdam


Barbara McAdam, Urban Horticulture Program Specialist, A.S. for Miami-Dade County
Posted: January 5, 2022


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