Asian vegetables: Potential crops for East Coast US

Professor Dr. Zhuang from UF IFAS Tropical Research and Education Center and UF IFAS Extension agent Gene McAvoy are part of a team that published a research paper in HortScience (the journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science) regarding the potential for over 100 Asian crops ranked feasible to grow in the eastern section of the United States #ufifassolutions, #vegetables, #asiancrops, #agriculture


“The rapid expansion of Asian populations in the United States provides significant opportunities and challenges for the produce sector to take advantage of their close proximity to densely populated areas,” Zhang said in a UF/IFAS press release.

If you want to read the original abstract, the title of the research paper is: “Asian Crops Overview: Consumer Preference and Cultivar Growth on the East Coast of the United States”, and the link to the abstract is here:

Image source: The packer online magazine


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Posted: January 17, 2017

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