2015-16 Cleansweep: To dispose canceled, suspended, unusable pesticides

The purpose of Operation Cleansweep is to offer a safe, convenient, and cost effective mechanism for agricultural operations, golf courses, and pest control companies to properly dispose of canceled, suspended, and unusable pesticides (CSUP).

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: This is an opportunity for agricultural operations, golf courses, pest control companies, etc. that reside in Florida to properly dispose of CSUP. This program is not intended for universities, pesticide manufacturers and distributors, institutions, or state and local government

For Guidelines information. Click in the following hyperlink: OperationCleansweepGuidelines2015

For Pesticide collection form, Click in the following hyperlink: CLEANSWEEP PESTICIDE COLLECTION FORM FY 15-16

For more information:


Shannon D. Turner

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

3125 Conner Blvd., Ste N Tallahassee, FL 32399 Toll-Free 1-877-851-5285




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Posted: August 13, 2015

Category: Agribusiness, Agriculture, Crops, Farm Management, Horticulture
Tags: Agricultural Operations, Cleansweep, Florida, Homestead, Nurseries, Nursery, Suspended Pesticides, Unusable Pesticides

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