Do you know The University of Florida is celebrating 150 years of Land Grant System?

Did you know what a land grant university is? University of Florida is one!

The Morrill Act established the land-grant university system and essentially initiated what could be defined as “The Education Revolution” that thrives to this day.

In 1862: The Morrill Act is passed and signed by President Abraham Lincoln, donating public lands to support colleges and providing citizens greater access to higher education. (Watch this video of President Lincoln testing a UF student about The Morrill Act)

The purpose of the land-grant colleges:

“without excluding other scientific and classical studies and including military tactic, to teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanic arts, in such manner as the legislatures of the States may respectively prescribe, in order to promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes in the several pursuits and professions in life”

OK, OK, but how The University Extension offices fit in this land grant university system???

The Smith–Lever Act of 1914 is a United States federal law that established a system of cooperative extension services or just Extension offices connected to the land-grant universities, in order to inform people about current developments in agriculture, home economics, public policy/government, leadership, 4-H, economic development, coastal issues (National Sea Grant College Program), and many other related subjects. It helped farmers learn new agricultural techniques by the introduction of home instruction.

There, now you know what The University of Florida is so important for the State of Florida and among other land grant universities is devoted to provide non biased research based information to every county in Florida. Look for your local Extension office in your own county.

Please go to for more information!

Happy 150 anniversary to Land grand system and to the University of Florida that is part of it!

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Posted: November 7, 2012

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