Forested Wetland

Mentoring 4-H Youth Through Forestry Judging

Marion County 4-H Forestry Judging Team

Marion County members at the National 4-H Forestry Invitational held at Jackson’s Mill State 4-H Camp in Weston, WV

Youth participating in judging teams learn how to make decisions, have improved public speaking skills and contribute through teamwork. These lessons pave a strong foundation for career success. Out of state travel is another perk for successful judging teams.

Former Marion County 4-H member Todd Dailey mentors Marion County youth through coaching Forestry Judging. Under his leadership, the Forestry team won the state contest and began preparing for nationals. The purpose of the National Invitational is to develop an appreciation for the importance of conserving forestland as a source of products, benefits, and services necessary for quality living. 4-H foresters learn citizenship and leadership skills in addition to practical forest management skills. By learning these skills youth will be better prepared to own forestland or deal with environmental issues in the future. Team members traveled to the National 4-H Forestry Invitational held at Jackson’s Mill State 4-H Camp held in Weston, WV. Marion County took 1st place in Quiz Bowl, with a strong 2nd place overall in the national contest. Bob Renner, Todd’s former Forestry Coach, assisted the team and traveled with them to the contest.

Watching these youth-adult partnerships take root strengthens these youth, our 4-H programming and community as a whole.  For more information on 4-H or to find a club in your area, please click here.