Getting the work done at Home

Productivity has always been a hot topic, but it has become even more relevant as of late. With so many other parents struggling with this, more ideas and strategies are being shared to help mothers and fathers everywhere find that ever-elusive balance:

  • Use your time wisely. Aim to tackle the things that require the most focus when your kids are heavily occupied. While not everyone’s kids can be occupied for long stretches of time, use what blocks you can to get the work done. You will save yourself the frustration later on in the day when your kids are restless and you have yet to meet a deadline.
  • Get into a groove with some atypical tunes. Using music is a common strategy for productivity, but try shaking it up with some less obvious choices. Your children likely have a favorite album that is playing nonstop, and you probably find yourself humming that same melody unconsciously. See how much work you can accomplish (and how well your kids are occupied) by finding some new music to help keep everyone on track.
  • Consider dictation apps. When you are sprinting to rescue that vase before your child knocks it to the floor, you might lose that thought you were just about to jot down. Avoid losing your thoughts to rescue missions by keeping a dictation app like Transcribeopen on your phone. This can help you maintain a semi-productive workday if you anticipate having to jump up for multiple rescue missions throughout the day.
  • Speak with your employer about flexible work. Especially in times like these, parents may find it much easier to focus when their children are sleeping. If your employer allows you to work flexible hours, this may allow you to spend time working in the evenings or early mornings once your children are down for the night.
  • Be realistic about your workload. Getting through the day can be hard enough when you are in the office. Add in working from home, the coronavirus, school, and day care closures and you have yourself quite a situation. Recognize that you are one person with a lot on your shoulders and that it is okay if you do not check off every item on your to-do list.

Take deep breaths during the day when you feel overwhelmed and try to do exercises for relaxation. Please remember that you need to take care of yourself as well, maintain your family health and do your work at the same time.



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Posted: May 28, 2020

Tags: Parenting, Work Life

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