When Pesticide Applicators need to give Prior Notification

A pesticide licensee or limited certificate holder must notify a person on the “Registry of Persons Requiring Prior Notification of the Application of Pesticides” at least 24 hours prior to the application of the pesticide.

Who to Notify? (the list)

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) maintains a current registry of persons who require prior notification of the application of pesticides. FDACS is required to provide a list of these persons on a quarterly basis to all limited pesticide certificate holders. View the current list here.map of persons on pesticide prior notification list

FDACS now maintains a map to help pesticide applicators locate persons requiring prior notification Map of Persons Requiring Prior Notification found here

How to Notify

A notification may be made by:

  • telephone
  • mail
  • email
  • hand delivery
  • fax

The notification must include the location where the pesticide will be applied and the type of pesticide to be used.

Who has to Notify?

Pesticide licensees that are governed by chapter 482 F.S. (below) must give notice at least 24 hours prior to the application of the pesticide.

  • Pest Control Operator (PCO) and their ID card holders
  • Limited Commercial Landscape Maintenance
  • Limited Lawn & Ornamental
  • Limited Structural

This notification requirement does not apply to pesticide applications made by homeowners or restricted use pesticide applicators licensed under Chapter 487 F.S.

For more information visit our website or contact Michelle Atkinson, Environmental Horticulture Agent, at the Manatee County UF/IFAS Extension office 941-722-4524 or michelleatkinson@ufl.edu


Posted: January 16, 2019

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