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Photo of the sun rising over Lake Alice, Gainesville Floida

Loving the Florida Master Naturalist Program in Manatee County

Joining the Master Naturalist Training Program in Florida is a wonderful experience for residents and visitors too.  The program introduces many facets of Florida ecology. You will learn about the fauna (wildlife and invasive species too) and the flora (native and non-native plant species.) Trainees learn why animals and plants are found in specific habitats and why the habitats are unique in Florida.  We teach three main habitat categories: coastal, uplands, & freshwater. There are also advanced modules for residents to build their basic knowledge of ecology.

Each module challenges the trainees with the creation of an educational product that can be utilized by extension offices for outreach with their communities. In Manatee County Extension’s Freshwater module, a trainee Danielle, tells us why she loves the training.  Watch a 2.5-minute video on Florida’s soft-shelled turtles. You may be inspired to join the Florida Master Naturalist Program.