“Springtime fields in the middle of December”


VicTorrious insert Mural Artist
VicTorrious, artist in the final stage of the door mural.


Wakulla County young artist

When VicTorrious was asked if she would like to consider creating another mural on one of our Wakulla County Extension rental office doors, she rose to the occasion with such delight. VicTorrious is no stranger to offer her adventurous talents, as she was one of the great artists who participated in helping the Nakashima family paint the extensive effort of the full “Courtyard Mural” landscape, which was unveiled in the summer of August 2019.

New visual beginnings

At the beginning of October 2019, VicTorrious worked steadily to etch out her extended perspective of the natural landscape as she volunteered her personal time in between going to school and balancing her studies.

It was fascinating to see how after each visit the door would reveal the next intricate layer that visually transformed the smallest elements into a larger vibrant meadow scene. Each piece was like a puzzle fitting together bringing our eye to focus on the bigger picture.

Mural door 1st state insert
VicTorrious, artist in stage one of the door mural.
Mural door 2nd state insert
VicTorrious, artist in stage two of the door mural.
Mural door 3rd state insert
VicTorrious, artist in stage three of the door mural.
Mural door 4th state insert
VicTorrious, artist in stage four of the door mural.



























Curb appeal

Now completed, her visual illustration provides such beauty and immediate curb appeal to all those who frequent the Wakulla County Extension Office. It is clearly a welcomed addition as our patrons share their excitement with all of their “oohing” and “aahing” as they realize the imaginative connection from the door to the courtyard.

Spoken from the heart of VicTorrious

VicTorrious is a talented young woman who has provided our community with such delight in her artwork and when we asked her why she enjoys painting, this is what she told us:

“I would say the reason why I do this or did this is because I love to express myself through art whether it be painting, sketching, or piecing recyclable stuff together. I have always thought of art as a way to express and say what you want to say without using words. It truly makes me happy, I’m at peace when I paint and that’s why I do this.”

We could not agree with her more and by saying that she certainly inspired all of us to see the beauty in her work through her gifted eyes.

Thank you VicTorrious

Thank you VicTorrious for all of your time, great effort and for giving our community such a beautiful depiction of your continued effort of the Wakulla County Extension Office natural landscape mural.

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Posted: January 9, 2020

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