SPOOK-tacular Garden Festival

Nature Coast Master Gardener (NCMG) share time, talent and training at Gardens & Ghouls Festival. NCMG provide UF IFAS Extension Levy County resources and programs to a diverse audience. An enchanting learning experience was our goal.

Why have a Master Gardener booth?

Great music, food and Master Gardener made for a great day.
(L-R) Verna Lerptert,Susan Howell (NCMG), Austin Lake, SallyAnn Collins (NCMG), Olivia Ciulla, Eileen Greene (NCMG), McKenzie Fairweather, Barbara L. Edmonds, Victoria Lake and Roger McDaniels (NCMG), pause for pics.

Many attendees prefer face-to-face interaction. Because they have gardening questions, friendly conversation is welcome. Master Gardeners use this opportunity to discuss specific Florida gardening issues. UF research-based gardening information is provided. As UF Ambassadors, NCMG’s promote Extension resources, including online options.

Gardens & Ghouls Festival was a successful and enjoyable event. Free seasonal gardening publications were available. Sample IFAS books could be handled and discussed.

Master Gardeners cultivate natural curiosity.

Magnifying lens, stamps, stencils and handling plant material engages the senses. Smooth, rough, round, fuzzy and leather-like described various plant and leaf. Live air potato leaf feeding beetles were well received. Identification tips and cautions against consuming aerial tuber (bulbil) was furnished.

Grown-ups want to have fun too! Both young and young at heart enjoyed the toss-a-fish game. This was no trick – every player got a treat!

As a result the festival atmosphere made for a pleasant day. Lush gardens were the perfect backdrop to the horticulture booth.

Master Gardener lead tour of gardens.
Micro-climate extends the range of plants and growing season.

What’s next?

Requesting horticulture information is easy. NCMG forward Electronic Data Information Source (EDIS) links via email. Consequently, email addresses are harvested for Nature Coast client serve-list. Client serve-list lends easily for program updates and electronic newsletters. More than 4,000 booth visitors have spoken with NCMG’s, year to date. Surprisingly, many were unaware of UF IFAS Extension service. Therefore it’s especially relevant we provide county contact information. UF IFAS has Extension offices in each of Florida’s 67 counties. So call, visit or email. We love to talk gardening! In conclusion, check out the Florida Master Gardener site. You may find it enjoyable and convenient, 24/7. ~ Happy Gardening!

Did You Know?
In 2016, Nature Coast Master Gardeners (NCMG)
reported 1,882 hours of volunteer service to our communities, valued at $37,640.

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Posted: November 2, 2017

Category: Home Landscapes
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