Clover Corner: May 2022

4-H at Home: Gardening at Home 

No matter where you live or where you go in this world, there will always be plants. Gardening continues to evolve every day. But gardening does not always require tractors or the most advanced watering systems. If you have good soil, sunlight, water, patience, and keep up with your garden chores, you can be a successful gardener!

Learn more about basic gardening as you go through this series of six fun gardening projects you can do right from the comfort of your home.

To view the lessons and work on your garden at home, click here.

Its that time of year – Project Books/Record Books are Due! 

It starts with a project and ends with a project/record book.Whether you are going for Member in Good Standing or End of the Year Awards, it’s time to get your records in order! All Member in Good Standing Record Books and End of the Year Awards Record Books are due to the office by June 1st, 2022 at 4:30 pm. If this date and time is an issue, please schedule a earlier drop off time with Ms. Arielle.

All Lee County 4-Her’s (cloverbud and 4-H aged youth) are required to turn in either Member in Good Standing or End of the Year Awards requirements. Member in Good Standing is for any youth who is not going for awards. Member in Good Standing requires a youth attends 2/3rds of all club meetings, has completed 1 record/project book in full (plus livestock record books if applicable) and is actively enrolled in 4-H Online. A youth working on end of the year awards will have all of the Member in Good Standing plus

To find out which is right for you, or to access forms needed to turn in completed record books please read more about Member in Good Standing and End of the Year Awards requirements here. Within the End of the Year Awards tab on the website, you will also find helpful tips and forms.

The office will have limited green covers available or youth can turn in all books together in a 3 ring binder.

End of the Year Banquet time and location will be announced soon, stay tuned for information if you are eligible for Awards.

Livestock Record Books

Updated change! 4-H Livestock Record Books will now be completed and turned in separately from the Fair at the request of the SWFL & Lee County Fair Association. What does this mean for you?

  • We are still using the same record books this year, you can find them here.
  • Did you know there is a help guide? Follow the guide to help you achieve a blue ribbon!
  • There will no longer be Fair Premiums, however ribbons will still be in place and we are working on a Blue Ribbon Club Award. (More details on Blue Ribbon Club coming soon!)
  • We will have a record book check in January/February (think of this as a mid-point check). This check will consist of making sure youth have made significant progress in their books and story. Books should be up to date as of January, and Stories should be no less than half complete.
  • Record books will be due in completion on or before June 1, 2022 by 4:30 pm to the 4-H office. Each species shown should have a record book, but youth do not need to do more than one record book per animal in the same species.
    • Example: Youth A shows a market steer, rabbits, and poultry. In this case, Youth A would complete a market steer record book, a small animal book for rabbits, and a small animal book for poultry. Youth B shows 2 rabbits. In this case, Youth B will only need to complete one small animal record book for the 2 rabbits.
    • If a youth is showing a market animal, they will need to show sale price and the end of their project in their record book. If a youth is showing an animal that is staying in their flock/herd, they will need to show all expenses through June 1st as this is a year long project that doesn’t end after Fair/Livestock Shows.
  • Failure to complete and turn in a Livestock Record Book will result in a strike against member in good standing. A youth who fails to become a member in good standing, will either go on probation and will have meeting dates set up to work on record books at the 4-H office, or will be asked to take a break the following year from 4-H.
  • Please note that if you are going for end of the year awards, these books will count if full completed, and the additional materials for end of the year awards are added.

Why are record books and project books important?

“The subject of 4-H record books generally elicits a very positive or a very negative response. Oftentimes it is the adults who value the practice, and the youth who cringe. The idea of creating a portfolio record of project activities and accomplishments has been around since the beginning of the 4-H program because it is such a valuable educational tool. Ideally, a 4-H record book should be a “brag book” of everything a 4-Her does and learns and eventually become a treasured family keepsake.

The 4-H program prides itself on developing life skills in youth, and the process of completing a quality record book supports skills such as planning, goal-setting, decision-making, problem-solving, communication, leadership, citizenship, and of course – record keeping. There is clearly much to be gained through 4-H record books, but the key is to make it less painful by breaking it down into small, easy to handle steps that are spread throughout the program year.”

To read more about record books and their importance, click here.

Leanne Yancey 4-H Scholarship

The Lee County 4-H Foundation is inviting all Graduating Seniors to apply for the Leanne Yancey 4-H Scholarship. This annual scholarship is funded by the annual Leanne Yancey Fishing Tournament, and is awarded to help youth further their education in a College, Trade, or Technical School. All scholarship applications are due by June 1st, 2022 and should be mailed in following the instructions on the application. You can find the application at the bottom of the Lee County 4-H website under the Lee County 4-H Foundation tab.

Workshops & Events

Looking for something fun to do? Check out these great opportunities that are open to you!

For a full list of State Level Events available to your youth, please click here.

4-H Legislature registration is now open

4-H members aged 13-18 as of September 1, 2021, are invited to attend Florida 4-H Legislature from June 20-24, 2022. This premier event allows participants to experience the legislative process firsthand by taking on roles as legislators, lobbyists, and media correspondents. They sit in the Florida Senate and House chambers to debate and consider passing or vetoing bills that they have researched and developed. They learn, practice, and defend the theory and process of representing citizens and making public policy.

Florida 4-H Legislature will be special this year as it marks its 50th Session. 4-H alumni and friends are invited to celebrate this landmark accomplishment. They will have the opportunity to attend the closing banquet on Thursday June 24th and see if they still have what it takes to make it in chambers during a mock session on Friday June 25th. For more information on Florida 4-H Legislature and the 50th Session celebration, contact Kelsey Cook at

4-H University (4-HU) registration is open

🍀 🚨 Calling all Florida 4-H Seniors! 🍀 🚨

Who’s ready for this year’s #FL4HU?

Come join us July 25-28 for an exciting week-long overnight event at the University of Florida! Get ready to participate in educational workshops with youth from all over the state while having fun and developing critical life skills.


Registration for #4H University is open now through June 17 for $350. For more information and to register please visit our website:

4-HU Young Leaders’ Scholarship

Thanks to generous support from Florida 4-H Farm Bureau, Florida 4-H is again pleased to offer several FULL PAID scholarships to attend Florida 4-H University through the 4-H Young Leaders’ Scholarship program.

This program is designed to support youth who have never previously attended 4-H University, and demonstrate untapped leadership potential. Deadline for application is May 28th. Details and application at: Qualtrics Survey | Qualtrics Experience Management

4-H Virtual Exchange

Engage in a six-week virtual exchange program (through ZOOM) with students from Florida, Kentucky, and Iraq in increasing the understanding of your own culture as well as exploring the cultures of others.

We will find where our exchange partner is located on a map and learn about their area of the world. Through video and pictures, we will introduce our exchange partner to our friends and family, tour our home, our school, show them our pets, local shopping centers, whatever is a part of your world, you will get to share it virtually. And they will share with us….what is it like to live in Iraq? What does a typical home and family look like? How are Iraqi teens like us and how are they different?

We will share a sample “day in our life” and they will too. We will exchange some of our favorite children’s stories or folklore, celebrations, and traditions. Together we can celebrate the similarities and the differences!

Note: Space is limited in this experience. All participants must complete an application to be considered.

To apply, click here.

iLEAD: Intermediate Leadership Conference

iLead: Intermediate Leadership Conference (formerly Intermediate State) is open for Registration in 4-H online now through May 30. This is a new and improved Intermediate Leadership Event.

Who: All enrolled Intermediates, ages 11-13 as of September 1 of this membership year

What: Find your tribe, survive the weekend and have a fun and exciting Intermediate leadership conference at the University of Florida! Experience a little of college life, make new friends, stay in a dorm, hang out in the student union, learn about a bunch of project areas, check out opportunities available to you as a Senior 4-H member, eat dinner in the stadium in the Bull Gator Terrace, and have a blast!

When: June 10-12, 2022

Where: University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. Stay in Hume Hall. Conference based out of the J. Wayne Reitz Union.

How: Registration in 4-H online now through May 30
Cost is $175 per person

Workshops will include:
• Entomology including the Arthropod Petting Zoo
• Clothing and Textiles, recycled fashion
• Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality
• Living on my Own – Reality Simulation
• “You Talking to Me?” – leadership communication skills
• Intro to Line Dancing – prepare for Senior 4-H dances
• STEAM Messy Fun
• Senior Events and Activity Preview

We also have a few other surprises to share with you!

Florida 4-H Horsemanship School

Florida 4-H Horsemanship School accepting registrations for three camp weeks! You AND your horse can come stay at UF, ride, participate in workshops and have fun! 🐴


Summer Camp spots are still available

Have youth ages 8-12 who love camping? Check out the available summer camps through Camp Cloverleaf and Camp Timpoochee! Our two state 4-H Camps are offering new and exciting weeks for our youth to attend in both a day camp and overnight format.Summer Camp with Florida 4-H Camping

There are still some camp openings left!

Q&A about Camping changes:

  • Q: Who can camp?
    • A: Camp is open to both 4-Hers and open enrollment youth, ages 8-12 as of September 1st, 2021 with the exception of Dairy Camp and Teen W.O.L.F. Camp.
  • Q: Can we attend any week?
    • A: Yes, With the new county system and camping options, you can select what works best for your youths schedules and interests! Youth are also invited to attend Camp Timpoochee Camps in Niceville, FL.
  • Q: Do we camp as a county still?
    • A: While we are no longer county cluster camping, or going only one week together as a county, we encourage families and clubs to work together to coordinate youth attending camps throughout the whole summer! A bonus
  • Q: When and how can we register our youth?
    • A: REGISTRATION OPENS FEB. 1, 2022 Early Bird Discount! Register by March 15th for $25 off per week!
      Visit to learn more about camp and to register. Scholarships are available through this
      website as well, so please apply!
  • Q: Is the County still providing transportation?
    • A: No, at this time the County program is not providing transportation to and from camp. Day campers or overnight campers will be responsible for getting to and from Camp!
  • Q: Are there C.I.T.’s/Counselors still?
    • A: No, the Florida 4-H Camping system is now utilizing Camping Staff to fulfill all needs at camp. For summer 2022, all 4-H camp staff will be required to be 18 years of age by May 15th, 2022. This will allow any current, senior 4-H members to apply for employment if they are 18 by May 15th. We hope to have past 4-H campers apply, so please help us spread the word that we’re looking for great camp staff! All of the summer camp staff positions are currently open for applications. There are four different types of camp staff: coordinators, camp health director, specialists, and cabin leaders, which is why there will be four different job postings for each camp. Here is a link that will bring up all the open summer camp jobs, so please help us recruit some great camp staff: Summer Camp Jobs

Shout out corner:

Boots and Bandits 4-H Club completed their “Hunger Can Kick the Can” Canned Food Drive



Way to go Boots and Bandits 4-H Club members who successfully collected and distributed over 150 packages of pop-top soup and crackers to community members in need! Youth promoted, collected, and assembled meal kits then distributed them with their parents at local co-ops and food shelters.



Congratulations to all youth who participated in Lee County 4-H County Events

We had a great turn out to this years County Events, which included Public Speaking, Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks, Photography, Graphic Design, Skill-a-thon, and Tailgate BBQ! To view results of County Events, click the link here.

Youth who have not yet picked up their ribbons will be mailed to the address listed on 4-H Online.

Calendar of Events:

Please note that while we are trying to stay as consistent as possible in scheduling, events are subject to change if there is just cause.


Posted: May 13, 2022


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