County Events

County Events will be Saturday, April 21, 2018 at the Jefferson County Extension Office. The program will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m.

Age Division:
Clover Buds: (5-7 years of age)
Juniors: (8-10 years of age)
Intermediates: (11-13 years of age)
Seniors: (14-18 years of age)

All County Events winners will receive a ribbon the same day and a trophy at the Annual Awards Banquet. County Events winners will also go on to compete at District Events.

Senior 4-H’ers (ages 14-18) that has won at District will have an opportunity to go on to 4-H University, which will be held at the University of Florida Campus in July.
Time allowance for County Event categories are:

Juniors: 3-12 minutes
Intermediate: 3-12 minutes
Seniors: 5-12 minutes

Public Speaking:
Junior: 3-7 minutes
Intermediate: 3-7 minutes
Seniors: 5-7 minutes

Horse Public Speaking:
Junior: 3-7 minutes
Intermediate: 3-7 minutes
Senior: 5-7 minutes

Junior: 3-5 minutes
Intermediate: 3-5 minutes
Senior: 3-5 minutes

Please remember, most demonstrators, even those well experienced in presentations, find it helpful to prepare a written outline of the component parts of the demonstration. Most outlines can be divided into three parts:
WHY-this is the “introduction” to the demonstration.
HOW-this is the “body” of the demonstration.
WHAT-this is the “summary” of the demonstration.

Demonstration and speech practices will be held every Wednesday, beginning on February 7th at 3:30pm. The last day to practice your demonstrations and speeches will be April 11th. If you would like to come to the 4-H Office to work on your demonstration or speeches, please feel free to use any equipment or markers. If you need help with your project, call Mr. Lilly or Ms. Gladys at 850-342-0187 to set up an appointment. Last year we had lots of winners, mainly because preparation were made early. “You see, the early bird catches the worm”. PLEASE START ON YOUR PROJECT NOW!!!


Posted: January 23, 2018

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