Space Crunch

One of the most challenging parts of my job is managing space. As you can imagine, everybody needs some, but nobody has any to offer. That being said, I am always seeking to identify new options.

When Newell Hall was repurposed for student learning space a few years ago, faculty from Soil and Water Sciences and Agronomy were relocated elsewhere, mostly in McCarty A and B Halls. I appreciate the dedication to maintaining the historical importance of Newell Hall to our land grant history, but…I wish we had more space for our faculty!

Right now, I have a list of needs for an entire department to move, plus smaller requests for 1-4 offices, space to support new hires for grants, improved lab space to support our research…

I’ve toyed with trying to offer a bounty for anybody to offer up space. I just need to figure out the right price!




Posted: March 27, 2017

Category: Work & Life

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