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Gardening in Small Places

You don’t have to huge open spaces to garden. Muriel Turner, Jackson County Master Gardener, shares how she gardens in small spaces in containers or small beds along structures and pathways around her home. She combines herbs, vegetables, and fruit, along with ornamental flowering and succulent plants to adorn her home and flavor the meals she prepares for her family and friends.

Watch the video Muriel recorded from different small garden spaces around her home.

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3 Comments on “Gardening in Small Places

  1. Very nice video, with interesting information. I especially appreciated the idea of combining edibles, such as herbs, with ornamental plants. It is more attractive and appealing, while being functional. Great job, Muriel!

  2. Very nice video, with great information! I especially appreciated the idea of combining edibles (herbs) with ornamental plants. The result is an attractive and appealing planting, which is also functional. Great job, Muriel!