May Cattle & Forage Management Reminders

UF/IFAS Beef Cattle & Forage Specialists, and County Extension Agents serving the Florida Panhandle developed a basic management calendar for cattle producers in the region. The purpose of this calendar is to provide reminders for management techniques with similar timing to those used at the North Florida Research and Education Center’s Beef Unit, near Marianna, Florida. Links to useful publications with more information are also provided.

Bill Conrad harvesting Bermudagrass for baleage in Jackson County. Credit: Doug Mayo


Cattle Herd Management

  • Remove bulls from mature cow herd
  • Booster vaccination of calves (2-4 weeks after initial vaccination)
    • 7-way Clostridial (black leg)
    • modified live IBR-BVD-BRSV-PI3
  • Check mineral feeders

Pasture Management

  • Make first hay cutting (weather permitting)
  • Fertilize hay fields after each cutting (except the last one)
    • 50-80 lbs N & 40-60 lbs K20 per acre
  • Fertilize newly planted summer annual pastures with 30-40 lbs N per acre and other nutrients as recommended by soil test report after 3-4 inches of initial growth
  • Rotate pastures to prevent overgrazing

Pest Management

Bill Conrad provided a bale wrapper demonstration in Jackson County. Credit: Doug Mayo


Pan Ag logo finalUse the following link to download the entire Cattle & Forage Management Annual Calendar:
Panhandle Ag Extension Team Cattle & Forage Management Calendar


Developed by the Panhandle Agriculture Extension Livestock and Forage Team:

Doug Mayo, Cliff Lamb, Mark Mauldin, Ann Blount, Cheryl Mackowiak, Jose Dubeux, Jay Ferrell, Jennifer Bearden, Nicolas DiLorenzo, Shep Eubanks, Jed Dillard, Mike Goodchild, Roy Carter, Henry Grant, John Atkins, Ray Bodrey, and Kalyn Waters.

Posted: April 28, 2017

Category: Agriculture
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