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Jackson 4-H Chick Chain is Ready to Roll!

Jackson County 4-H is pleased to announce the return of the 4-H Chick Chain!  This will be our third year participating in this wonderful educational and fun program.  The 4-H Chick Chain is a program designed to help youth learn how to raise pullets (baby chicks) into mature production hens.  This program not only teaches youth responsibility, but also about ethical treatment of animals, biosecurity, record keeping and communication skills.  Youth will receive six pullets from two different breeds (a total of 12) in the spring, and raise them over the summer.  The culmination of this program is a show and optional auction at the end of September.  Members participate in workshops to learn how to care for their chicks, show their hens, and complete their record books.  This program is open to any 4-H member in the northwest district between the ages of 5-18 (as of September 1st, 2016).  Youth will complete project books and show according to their age as of Sept 1, 2017.

Dylan and Nathan Ziglar pose with their birds.

Registration is open via 4HOnline through February 24th.  The registration fee is $50.00 for first time participants (those receiving pullets) and $5.00 for returning youth (those caring for and showing hens from a previous year). Siblings can share chicks.  See our timeline below for important project dates, including pick up and show information.  The following information is available for download from the Jackson County 4-H Youth Development page, or in paper form at the 4-H Office:


Chick Chain shirt contest-


Jackson County Country Bumpkins 4-H Club member Myra Miles.



February 1-24th- Registration open in 4HOnline

February 17th- Chick Chain T-shirt Design Contest entries due to your local 4-H Agent

TBA- Orientation Meeting

March 29th- pick up your chicks at

May-August- Home visits with your 4-H Agent/ Chick Chain Volunteer Coordinator

Poultry Perfection Workshops- choose the most convenient location/date for your family:

  • June 2nd, at the Washington County Ag Center – 1424 Jackson Avenue, Chipley, Florida
  • Date TBA, at the North FL Fair Building  – 441 Paul Russell Rd,
    Tallahassee , Florida
  • Date TBA, at the Santa Rosa Extension Office
    Milton, Florida

August 17th – Webinar “Getting Ready for the Show” 6:30/5:30PM Central via video conference at your local Extension Office

September 11th- Record books and show forms due to your county extension office

September 30th- Chick Chain Show and Auction (check out the 4-H In the Panhandle blog  to see who won last year)

 Questions?  Contact your Angel Granger, Jackson County 4-H Agent.