The Art of Gifting


The holidays are fast approaching! Pause long enough to avoid the pitfalls of overspending! Budgets are always tight during holidays. Gifts are not about the cost, rather a display of the true relationship of the people involved.

Gift giving at its finest, is a true art form. I have a dear friend that really captures the essence of each person with each gift she gives. Gifting is a statement that demonstrates how important the receiver is and how they are perceived in the giver’s eyes.

Always consider the occasion and the relationship with the receiver. It is also important to know the receiver’s culture as to be certain not to offend. A gift given as an afterthought usually displays just that, it was not originally intended to be given. This is not generally the intention of the giver, but can give this impression. Additionally, if you intend to re-gift an item, be certain that item does meet the personality of the receiver. Re-gifted items tend to be unusual or offbeat, so think hard before taking this path.

Consider practical, useful gifts that match the person you are shopping for. The idea of gifting a need, a want, a clothing item and a literature item to a person has been one of the most recent trends. Very few people buy that many gifts for those outside of their immediate family. But, this could be applied to others by just taking one of the options. If they are a reader, consider a gift card to a local bookstore instead of a specific title. This provides the option of an e book or traditional version. Or, clothing could come in the form of a nice scarf or other accessory that is a part of their usual style.

A gift is a statement of caring. For each person, this is different. Take the time to consider personality, hobbies, interests and activities. Choose a gift that matches one or more of these considerations. This lends to the true purpose of gifting; to show the receiver how much they mean to you.


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Posted: November 4, 2016

Category: Money Matters, Relationships & Family

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