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95210, Numbers Kids Need To Live By


School has started, and for many it can be quite the challenge to jump back into the school routine! 95210 is a great reminder to guide parents and help promote positive health for children.

9 hours of sleep each night is a minimum number for kids,

5 servings of fruits and vegetables to provide adequate nutrition,

2 hours or less of non-essential screen time,

1 hour of physical activity, and

0 sugary beverages.

Sounds simple, but a National Sleep Foundation reports about 15% of teens are actually getting enough sleep. The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition reports “only 1 in 3 children are physically active every day” and “Americans eat less than the recommended amounts of vegetables and fruits.” Inactive children have higher non-essential screen time and are at greater risk for obesity and the health disparities that accompany obesity. Drinking water is the best way for children to satisfy their thirst and it does not add any additional calories unlike soda, sports drinks and some flavored waters.

So try adopting the 95210 lifestyle in your home. Be a positive role model. Small changes over time can lead to great health benefits not just for your children, but for the whole family.