June Panhandle Weather Summary

NWS June 16 rainfall estimatesJune 2016 was fairly typical for the Florida Panhandle with much warmer temperatures and scattered afternoon thunderstorms with highly variable rainfall. In the graphic above you can see the hot pink areas that received more than 10″ and dark red regions that received more than 8″ in June. In contrast the beige areas received less than 5″ and the tan less than 4″ of rain in June.

16 Jan-Jun Panhandle RainfallThe six Florida Automated Weather Network (FAWN) stations also showed the variation in rainfall across the Panhandle in June 2016. Monticello had a surprisingly wet month with over 9″ collected, while only 3.5″ fell near Marianna, less than 100 miles to the west. Because of the extra rainfall in April and June, Monticello received 37.7″ which was 9″ above the historical average for that location. Through the first half of 2016, Marianna had the lowest total through June with only 26.6″ which was 1.5″ below the historic average for that location. The other four stations were above average through the first six months of 2016.

16 Jan-Jun Marianna FAWN ChartTemperatures certainly warmed up significantly in June with a 7° increase in the average air temperature as compared to May, and a 5° increase in average soil temperature. There were 3 days in June with high temperatures over 95°, with a high of 97° on June 25, 2016. For daily totals download the 2016 Marianna Jan-Jun Weather Summary.

3 Month Outlook

16 July through September OutlookThe Climate Prediction Center’s (CPC) forecast for the next three months, July through September, calls for above average temperatures and above average rainfall. Hopefully there will be adequate rainfall to compensate for the higher temperatures. With most of the Panhandle above average so far, it should turn out to be a pretty decent crop year. To this point Florida has stayed out of the US Drought Monitor, hopefully that trend will continue.



Posted: July 15, 2016

Category: Agriculture
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