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Hurricane Preparedness

hurricane preparedness NOAAphoto credit NOAA

With the passing of the 1st  of June, hurricane season has officially begun. With the 3rd named storm, Tropical Storm Colin, already having affected some Floridians, are you prepared if a storm is expected in your area?

Will you want to leave or stay in your home unless an evacuation is mandated? Do you have adequate food and water if you choose to stay? Are you taking daily medications and do you have plenty on hand? These are just a few of the questions to consider.

Take the time to consider your family’s needs and make appropriate plans now in the event a major storm. Having a plan alleviates stress and allows for more efficient preparedness on your part. The following list is only part of the University of Florida’s Hurricane Preparedness and Recovery plan: water, food, bedding, clothing, first aid kit, toiletries, radio, cell phone, money, tools, and pet needs. Click here for the full list, or stop by your local extension office for a full copy. Stay abreast of the weather and consider investing in a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) radio.

No one wants to be affected by inclement weather, but being prepared will help to make a taxing event less stressful.