Cleaning your Laundry with Vinegar

How often do you reach for vinegar when you are cleaning your home? Most people only think of using this item when descaling their coffee pot. But, there are many other uses for vinegar in the home.

Are those whites looking a bit dingy? Boil a large pot of water and with one cup of vinegar and add dingy whites. Allow to soak overnight then launder as usual. If you need to clean your washer, simply turn on a regular cycle and add one cup of vinegar (no clothing) and allow to cycle to give the tub a good cleaning.

Next, let’s explore how it can clean the iron. Is the iron plate scorched? Begin by heating equal portions of both vinegar and salt in a small pan on the stove. Next, carefully rub the warm solution on the cooled iron surface to clean the scorched plate. If your steam iron is clogged due to mineral build up from your tap water, mix equal parts of vinegar and water and pour into the iron’s water reservoir and turn the iron on with the placing on the steam setting. Allow the iron to remain on in the upright position for 5 minutes and then turn off and allow it to cool off completely. Lastly, empty the water reservoir and the loosened particles will come out.

And finally, since your clothes look so wonderful now, let’s address the purses and shoes. To remove a grease spot off of suede shoes, simply dip an old tooth brush in vinegar and gently brush over the spot. If you need to shine your patent leather purse or shoes, just wipe them off with vinegar on a soft cloth.

While there are many ways to clean items, sometimes returning to old standards that are tried and true can really make the difference. There are many uses in the home for vinegar and I invite you to check out these two links and to learn more.


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Posted: September 11, 2015

Category: Home Management

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