US Forest Service 2012 Tax Tips for Forest Landowners

USDA Forest Service tax information website for forest landowners.
USDA Forest Service tax information website for forest landowners.

The USDA Forest Service has updated their web page with information on Federal income Tax returns for Forest Landowners. The web site provides non-industrial private forest (NIPF) landowners with a consolidated source of information on the complex tax issues associated with forest maintenance and management. While our national forests are of course exempt form federal taxes, and corporate forest landowners often employ taxation specialists to help them manage their forest assets, NIPF landowners rarely have this expertise at their disposal.

Well managed forests produce timber and other forest products, provide wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, aquifer and watershed protection, and other amenities. The nation’s NIPF lands, comprising approximately 60% of its forest land, make significant contributions to maintaining these values, and could do more. Providing tailored tax information is one way in which the Forest Service is working to increase forest productivity on non-industrial forest lands.


2012 Forest Service Tax Tips Web Site



Posted: December 20, 2012

Category: Agriculture
Tags: Economics, Forestry, Forestry Tax Tips, Panhandle Agriculture

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