Armenian Cucumbers

Armenian cucumbers are actually a melon and are related to the muskmelon. It is susceptible to wilt, therefore it does its best in the high heat of summer when other plants are under severe heat stress.

Our local Jackson County Master Gardener planted Armenian cucumber seeds in April 2012. They slowly developed leaves, vines, and a few yellow flowers but no fruit. Two months later the cucumbers were enormous, long, green and ribbed.

Fresh from the garden these cucumbers are mild in taste. Their insides are white with seeds concentrated along the center line of the fruit and can be easily separated if you desire to do so. The Armenian cucumbers do not need to be peeled because their skin is edible and delicious.

After picking, wash with water to remove any soil remaining. Local Master Gardeners slice the cucumber a quarter inch think and then put them in salads. Refrigeration is appropriate since the fruit does deteriorate over several days at room temperature.

The Armenian Cucumbers are a mild and delicate melon and are a delicious treat to your salads in the summertime.



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Posted: July 9, 2012

Category: Crops, Fruits & Vegetables, Health & Nutrition

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