New UF/IFAS Fact Sheet for Diagnosing Herbicide Injury to Cotton

Imazapic (Cadre, Impose) injury from a post-emergence application. Note the lime color of injured leaves.

Diagnosing Herbicide Injury in Cotton (SSAGR358/AG367)

UF/IFAS just released a new fact sheet to help farmers diagnose herbicide injury in cotton. This 10-page fact sheet aids in the diagnosis of herbicide injury by providing pictures and descriptions of behavior in plants and symptoms associated with different herbicides organized by mode of action. Written by Sarah Berger and Jason Ferrell, and published by the UF Department of Agronomy, February 2012.

Download the fact sheet with color photos and descriptions of injury symptoms: (web version for faster download) (pdf version for printing)


Posted: March 5, 2012

Category: Crops, Forests
Tags: Cotton, Herbicide Injury

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