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Announcing! New Virtual Plant Clinic with Indian River County Master Gardeners

The recent virus concerns have many of the usual county services offices closed to walk in traffic.  However, this does NOT mean these services are not available.  Some are available through the drive in window.  Others will require advance planning with phone appointments.  Still others will require only the click of the mouse and keyboard.

Man at computer

Communication is key in meeting society’s challenges in agriculture and natural resources.

Master Gardener Virtual Plant Clinic

The Indian River County Master Gardener Plant Help Desk is open virtually.  This means that you may submit your plant, insect, and gardening questions and clear photos through e-mail and the below questionnaire.  A simple Virtual_Clinic_Form_Fillable that walks you through exactly what information Master Gardeners will need in order to fully help you with your gardening queries can be filled out, saved and emailed to the Indian River County Extension Master Gardeners.

The form describes what to send, what parts of the plant or insect to photograph, a detailed description of where you found the plant or insect in question, and a photo of the damage done.

Leaf-cutter bee damage on rose leaves

Beneficial leaf-cutter bees use leaf circles to “paper” their nests.

Your 15 minute appointment is FREE

To get your Virtual Plant Clinic appointment: first, sign up on Eventbrite. The Eventbrite appointment is free.  Next, e-mail your form, filled in, to the Indian River County Master Gardeners at  Finally, your appointment and link to a Zoom meeting will be emailed to you.  Appointment times are 15 minutes long and will be scheduled on Tuesdays beginning at 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm.  If a follow-up is required, the volunteer will communicate further with you through e-mail.

A few pieces of equipment may be required

In order to fully participate in a live Zoom meeting, you will need to have a few pieces of equipment. You can do the whole Zoom meeting on your smart phone. Or you can Zoom from your home personal computer with a working camera/microphone combination.  The new camera/microphone combinations are usually “plug n play”, meaning you don’t need to download any programs to make them work.  In order to use Zoom, you will need to download a current version of the Zoom program or the App onto your PC or smartphone if you don’t already have that.

What if I need help but do not want to Zoom?

If you are still not comfortable with the whole Zoom meeting idea, you may still submit your questions and photos to the Master Gardener Volunteers via e-mail or phone call.  These may take a day or more  for a reply.  the Indian River County Master Gardeners’ e-mail is:  You can telephone them at (772) 226-4330 x 1 and follow the prompts to leave your message for the Master Gardener Desk.