Holiday Hints

How do I select and care for a Christmas tree? Is a Holiday cactus really a cactus? Are poinsettias poisonous? How do I keep from going broke and/or having a holiday induced meltdown? These questions and more can be answered via Holiday Hints from UF/IFAS Extension staff and online resources.

Christmas tree farm

Christmas Trees: Live trees can be purchased from a tree farm, pre-cut at a tree vendor or even a potted living tree to be planted later in your landscape. For more information click here:

Holiday Gift Plants: Christmas cactus is indeed in the cactus family, but thankfully have no thorns. Cultivars are available in many beautiful colors as well as different blooming times such as Thanksgiving and Easter cactus. For more information on holiday gift plants click here:

Poinsettias: Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are not poisonous, although the sap may be irritating to some, especially those with latex allergies. This iconic plant is known world-wide for it’s showy bracts that is an easy to care for blast of holiday color. For more information on poinsettias click here:

Photo by Melinda Morgan-Stowell, Brevard County Extension

Holiday Stress: We may be in the season to be merry, but overtaxing ourselves with shopping, travel and family events can result in stress instead of joy. Learn how to simplify your holidays by clicking here:


UF/IFAS Photo: Tyler Jones.

Have yourselves a safe
and happy holiday!


Posted: November 29, 2017

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