UF/IFAS TEAMS Opportunities February 22, 2024

UF/IFAS TEAMS Opportunities for February 22, 2024
IFAS Human Resources has now created an opportunity for you to view, at a glance, newly posted IFAS TEAMS positions. Please click on the link for further details. These positions were vacant as of the date of this posting.


Accountant II

Requisition #530333


Location: Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)


This position falls under the direction of the Finance Manager of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS). It is housed in the IFAS Financial Administration office and holds primary responsibilities for overall financial management and compliance of IFAS’s business practices. This includes training, compliance resolution, and timely and accurate reporting across all areas of teaching, research, and extension. A high level of efficiency and understanding in these disciplines is required to successfully navigate the complexities of these processes.



Administrative Assistant II

Requisition #530426


Location: Indian River


Position requires experience in general and moderately complex administrative functions of a research unit, including, but not limited to, maintaining records, processing human resource functions including onboarding new personnel, maintaining inventory or facilities, and performing reception duties including

answering phones, receiving deliveries, and greeting visitors to the Center.



Administrative AST II

Requisition #530341


Location: Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)


This position is supervised by the manager of Administrative Services and provides assistants to many of the administrative functions within the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department.  This can include working with various Faculty members to assist with their job postings, purchasing cards, travel, and expense reports.  This individual will work with the students of faculty members to assist in these processes.  The individual will assist the Student Services coordinator position by attending various events and assist with the follow up of students and Faculty scheduling of classrooms.  This position may also assist the Human Resources administrator with gathering needed information on VISA processes and student follow up processes.



Administrative Spec I

Requisition #530331

60080000 – AG-AGRONOMY

Location: Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)


This position provides expert administrative support to the Department Chair, department faculty, and departmental management. Acting under general supervision, the position anticipates management or unit needs, proactively solves problems, and independently handles issues.



Agricultural Assistant IICLOSES  2/22/2024

Requisition #530326


Location: Hillsborough


On site position.   This position is open to current UF employees only.   The employee will work for the Horticultural Crop Physiology Lab at the UF/IFAS Gulf Coast Research and Education center (GCREC) in Balm. This employee will serve as a senior member of the team to perform activities to manage greenhouse and field experiments of various horticultural crops. Main responsibilities of this position include crop scouting and management of field experiments, greenhouse maintenance, application of pesticides, operation of farm equipment, and greenhouse/field research data collection.



Biological Scientist I/II

Requisition #530107


Location: Dade


This is a full-time benefit position in Homestead, Florida. We are looking for a Biological Scientist I or II.

The incumbent in this position will support research and extension program in vegetable production at the UF/IFAS Tropical Research and Education in Homestead, FL. Responsibilities include field management for vegetable production, as well as managing the greenhouse and laboratory facilities. The incumbent also helps in the extension program with County extension agents to develop and implement educational programs to educate Florida vegetable growers in promoting new crops adoption and cultivation. The primary focus of our work is centered on the introduction and promotion of ethnic vegetable production, with the overarching goal of enhancing resilience and sustainability within agricultural production.



Biological Scientist II

Requisition #530315


Location: Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)


A full-time (1.0 FTE) Biological Scientist II position is available University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (Nature Coast Biological Station/Soil and Water Sciences Dept.). We seek an applicant with: (1) knowledge of Gulf of Mexico coastal ecosystems (especially those encompassed by the Nature Coast Aquatic Preserve and adjacent Aquatic Preserves) and (2) field-oriented skills, including boat trailering and field sampling.



Chemist III

Requisition #530301


Location: Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)


A full-time position located in the Food and Environmental Toxicology Laboratory within the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department. This position is responsible for the extraction and analyses of various plant samples (e.g. fruits, vegetables, seeds, oils) for pesticide residues in compliance with EPA’s Good Laboratory Practices. This position also modifies and develops methods for challenging combinations of pesticide and sample type. Employee operates, maintains, and troubleshoots laboratory equipment and instruments, and uses various software packages for data acquisition and reporting. Employee participates in cleaning and maintenance of lab equipment and facilities.



Education/Training Spec I

Requisition #530157

60355006 – AG-BROWARD

Location: Broward


This is a specialized position that supports the Urban Horticulture Extension Agent & collaborates with the Education Training Specialist in managing volunteers. Develop and maintain a comprehensive recruitment, orientation, training, retention, and recognition planned to ensure that all volunteers are knowledgeable and feel valued. This position also supports Broward County’s Master Gardener plant Help Desk and community outreach.



Engineer ICloses 2/23/2024

Requisition #530198


Location: Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)


Provide primary support to faculty, graduate students, and researchers in the department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering in regard to planning, mechanical design and selection; installation, repair and management; and training and maintenance related to field and controlled environment experiments with sensors, data collection, and related programming/software and other technology, including programming dataloggers.



Engineering Technician III

Requisition #530275


Location: Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)


This is a technical support staff for the ABE program. Its primary responsibilities include complex engineering or architectural tasks while assisting with course labs, student projects, wood working, agricultural machinery/operation activities and facilities support. This is a full time TEAMS position for 40 hours per week.



Extension Program Specialist (Hybrid) – Central Florida

Requisition #530153


Location: Orange


The UF/IFAS Extension Family Nutrition Program is seeking an enthusiastic professional in Central Florida to deliver policy, systems and environment (PSE) change trainings and technical assistance to staff from schools, childcare centers, and other community partners to help make the healthy choice the easy choice in Orlando and surrounding counties. If you are passionate about health equity, want to make it easier for limited-resource youth to lead healthier lives, and can see yourself working with partners from different sectors to increase healthy food access opportunities, work for FNP!



Farm Supervisor

Requisition #529969

60870000 – AG-MREC-APOPKA

Location: Orange


Farm supervisor position will be located in Apopka, this position main job duties will be Budget management. Stewards state allocations for general operations and maintenance of MREC facilities not covered by FPO.

Direct operational management. Provides overall management, coordination and occasional labor to all research dedicated structures (field, greenhouse, shade house) and support equipment to keep study plants healthy, including fertilization, irrigation, weed, disease and insect control and harvesting. Outside liaison/compliance. Coordinator.



Farm Supervisor

Requisition #530285


Location: St. John


Support HAEC Assistant Director of Operations with management of day-to-day coordination of Unit farming activities at the Downtown unit; liaise with Center Director, Farm Manager, Assistant Director of Operations, faculty, staff, students, and community stakeholders on an ongoing basis. Practice and foster team spirit as well as positive, productive working relationships with colleagues at UF IFAS HAEC.



Geomatics Instruction and Outreach

Requisition #529662


Location: Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)


This Geomatics position collaborates with Geomatics faculty members at the School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics Sciences (SFFGS) for instruction and other matters related to the Geomatics Program.  The position is responsible for teaching labs, managing day-to-day lab needs, and developing and executing plans for the Geomatics outreach program in Gainesville and surrounding counties.  This position has research, teaching, extension, and administrative duties.



IT Professional II

Requisition #530389


Location: Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)


This is a full-time position supporting, the Faculty, Staff and students of the Animal Sciences Department in the areas of desktop computer, network, and cloud computing.



Marketing and Comm Specialist

Requisition #530215


Location: Main Campus (Gainesville, FL)


This is a full-time position that is responsible for print, web and digital media products and activities in the Department of Agricultural Education and Communication.



MGR, Marine Facilities & Oper

Requisition #530185


Location: Levy


Responsible for assisting Nature Coast Biological Station students, faculty and staff in vessel operations, maintenance, repair, and associated services in support of the programs of the NCBS.  This position is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all marine vessels, equipment and facilities at the NCBS, including Cedar and Seahorse Key facilities.  Located in Levy County, the NCBS is a teaching and research facility that is in use seven days a week, often from early morning into the night, all months of the year.  Seahorse Key is part of the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge and operation of the Seahorse Key Marine Laboratory (SKML) is cooperative and bound to the goals of the US Fish & Wildlife Service.



Nutrition Educator – Palm Beach (Hybrid)

Requisition #530082


Location: Palm Beach


The UF/IFAS Extension Family Nutrition Program is seeking an enthusiastic SNAP-Ed Nutrition Educator to deliver nutrition and health education to youth in Palm Beach County communities. Our Educators receive on-the-job training and development. FNP offers meaningful work to be passionate about. Join us!


Nutrition Educator – Volusia County (Hybrid)

Requisition #530284


Location: Volusia


The UF/IFAS Extension Family Nutrition Program is seeking an enthusiastic SNAP-Ed Nutrition Educator to deliver nutrition and health education to youth in Volusia County communities. Our Educators receive on-the-job training and development. FNP offers meaningful work to be passionate about. Join us!


Water Resources Program Assistant

Requisition #529909

60354058 – AG-SARASOTA

Location: Sarasota


The Extension Program Assistant will work with UF Faculty and County staff to assist with the creation of education, outreach, and volunteer opportunities that enable county residents and visitors to save water and implement best practices that enhance water quality.  These services include but are not limited to:  water conservation, Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOG), and reclaimed water outreach, irrigation evaluations, and school-age youth outreach and education. The incumbent will also develop and incorporate marketing strategies to inform residents of these programs and educate them about water conservation and water quality enhancement efforts through the website, social media, traditional media outlets, and at community events.



Posted: February 22, 2024

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