A Fun-filled Journey into The Surprising Lives of Bark Beetles; Mighty Foresters of the Insect World

Immerse yourself into the fascinating world of bark beetles in The Surprising Lives of Bark Beetles; Mighty Foresters of the Insect World. Don’t be deceived by their reputation as the World’s Worst Forest Pests; these tiny creatures have a captivating story to tell. Authored by UF/IFAS School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics Science‘s associate professor of forest entomology, Jiri Hulcr, and science writer Marc Abrahams, it offers a unique perspective on these often-misunderstood insects.

Revealing the Beetle World

This engaging exploration, available at the UF/IFAS Bookstore, blends cutting-edge research with accessible storytelling. From dramatic family tales to curiously endearing looks, vivid macrophotography captures every aspect of bark beetle life in stunning detail. Did you know they have secret fungus farms where they cultivate their own “ambrosia”? Well, now you do!

The Surprising Lives of Bark Beetles; Mighty Foresters of the Insect World delve into beetle symbioses, molecular biology, and ecology, unraveling the mysteries surrounding these misunderstood insects. 

Another aspect that makes this read stand out is its perfect blend of humor and incredible photos. Bark beetles with personality? Who would’ve thought! The well-written content and great pictures bring out the odd beauty of these beetles, making it an ideal pick for older kids, a classroom project, or a book club looking for something different. The book serves as an excellent resource for those interested in ecology, molecular biology, and the interconnected relationships within forest ecosystems.

The authors boldly address significant questions about the impact of climate change on bark beetle habitats, providing a well-rounded perspective on the ecological role of these insects and shattering misconceptions along the way.

Standing Out in the Buzz

In a world where bees and butterflies bask in the limelight, it’s a nice change to see beetles getting some love as well. It’s time to appreciate these beetles for more than just their bad reputation—who knows, their charming little dance on the cover might just capture your heart!


Reading age; Adults and older children, Print length; 112 pages
Languages available; English, Dimensions; 6×9 inches
Publisher; University of Florida Press


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Posted: November 20, 2023

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