The Bookstore Is Approaching the Summit

Where Is the Bookstore? Tell Me!

Easy there! The bookstore is right where you left it—at least until Tuesday, March 28, when they’ll be at the Tri-County Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Summit at UF/IFAS Extension Lake County in Tavares.

This all-day event is open to everyone, but specifically provides the required field module for the Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ Certified Professional and is approved for 4 category Pesticide Applicator CEUs and 4 Landscape Architecture CEUs. Tickets cost $50 and include lunch. The bookstore will be on hand with field guides and plant and insect identification books for sale.

What Kind of Books?

Glad you asked! Here are some examples of books we have on the subject matter.

Trees: North & Central Florida coverTrees: North & Central Florida 

SP 496

This sturdy, pocket-sized field guide—the only one of its kind for north and central Florida—is designed for landscape professionals, arborists, naturalists, gardeners, and anyone seeking to know the trees around them. Full color photographs of leaves, bark, flowers and full trees, together with clear descriptions and other information make identifying trees easier than ever. The book also features a handy diagnostic key, an introduction to plant parts, a glossary and a ruler to guide you, whether you’re a trained botanist or a total beginner.


The Art of Maintaining a Florida Native Landscape coverThe Art of Maintaining a Florida Native Landscape

SP 505

Planting a native landscape in Florida will reduce your use of water, fertilizer, and pesticides–but that doesn’t mean it will be maintenance-free. This refreshingly honest book offers practical advice for keeping your native landscape healthy and sustainable throughout the year. Acclaimed author Ginny Stibolt, an experienced gardener and botanist, dispels the myths of working with native plants and delves into such topics as removing invasives, propagation techniques, managing edges, going without mowing, and landscaping in moist habitats. Easy to read and supplemented with photos, illustrations and useful tips, this book is a must-read for novices and advanced gardeners alike.


Wildflowers of Florida Field Guide coverWildflowers of Florida Field Guide

SP 559

A field guide to 200 of Florida’s beautiful wildflowers!

  • Organized by color and size
  • Icons make visual identification quick and easy
  • Full-page, professional-quality photographs
  • Easy-to-read format presenting information critical to accurate identification
  • Identifies wildflowers most common in Florida


Native Plant Landscaping for Florida Wildlife coverNative Plant Landscaping for Florida Wildlife 

SP 569

To truly help native wildlife, we need to better focus our efforts on providing habitat, and this clear, practical guide is the perfect resource for those efforts. Ecologist and consultant Craig Huegel draws on his considerable experience as both a gardener and a professional wildlife biologist to explain how anyone can easily create an attractive landscape plan that is also an inviting habitat for native animals. He provides specific information of the wildlife value of approximately 150 native trees and shrubs and gives clear and precise direction on incorporating each into your garden. Featuring nearly 200 brilliant color photos, Huegel’s guide will help you to identify and select the plants you need—no matter where you live in Florida.


The Right Plants for Dry Places coverThe Right Plants for Dry Places: Native Plant Landscaping in Central Florida

SP 585

Native plant landscaping is based on the principle of putting the right plant in the right place. Rather than first choosing your plants and then modifying the site the suit them (a process that often requires much time, effort, topsoil, fertilizer, pesticide, water and mulch), you first determine the nature of your site and then select native plants that will thrive in that location.

If your soil is dry, inland and in central Florida, then this book is especially for you. Your soil is dry if puddles disappear within a few minutes after a heavy rain, inland if your property does not touch any saltwater body and does not receive salt spray in the wind, and in central Florida if your property lies in or between Levy, Marion and Volusia counties at the north end and Lee, Hendry and Broward counties at the south.


For more, including FFL logo products, visit the IFAS Extension Bookstore website at


Posted: March 26, 2023

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