Copyediting Review: Dotting the I’s and Crossing the T’s

EDIS authors, section editors, and the EDIS team work together in OJS to get publications onto the Ask IFAS website. There are a few stages to this: submission, review, copyediting, production, and publication. This blog post focuses on one key moment in the copyediting process: copyediting review.

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After the EDIS editor for your department edits your manuscript, you will receive a message asking you to review the edited file. You can read through the edits, address the editor’s questions and comments, and make final adjustments to the text. This point in the process is also an opportunity to catch and correct major issues before the production stage begins.

It is important to review your edited manuscript carefully. Typos and other minor errors can be fixed quickly during the production stage; larger changes, such as the addition of several paragraphs that were not in the original manuscript, can result in delays. As an example, multiple drafts of your manuscript may be in OJS from the review stage. If you notice that the file in copyediting is not the most recent one, you will want to communicate with your editor promptly so the correct version can be finalized and sent to production for HTML and PDF layout instead.

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Posted: September 8, 2021

Category: Professional Development, UF/IFAS Extension
Tags: EDIS Authors

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